San Lazaro

San Lazaro brand offer a seductive harmony of Spanish olive oils and balsamic aromatic condiments.This is the brand for all connoisseurs of irresistibly delicious and good food for all who want to become master chefs.

The Secret of Olive Oil San Lazaro lies in respect ofthe best traditions for the production of high quality, 100% cold pressed olive oil. Olive oil San Lazaro is a Spanish olive oil produced from specially selected variety of olives - Hojiblanca, grown in Andalusiain southern Spain.To achieve a high quality, intenseandvelvety flavour, olives are carefully selected in the first stages of maturity, then cold pressed. Olive oil San Lazaro is a noble taste and exceptional natural flavour that will make you distinguish between good and exceptional food.

Balsamic spices San Lazaro has become one of the irreplaceable items for lovers of gourmet cuisine and chefs. Red Condiment San Lazaro is  exclusive with itsdensity and flavour, tastes mild, slightly sweet and sour at the same time .White balsamic condiment San Lazaro is a unique combination of pleasant freshness to the classic apple cider vinegar with added mysterious harmony of flavours to achieve its so unforgettable taste.All these qualities make balsamic spices San Lazaro in special products for the preparation of various culinary luxuries, salads, Mediterranean dishes and special recipes.

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