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Below we have compiled a list of FAQ's.

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 At Malincho Travel, we help you find the best cheap travel deals possible. To help you in this attempt, we have linked with over 30 different air travel consolidators to bring you an assortment of cheap travel deals. These air travel consolidators all specialize in a particular travel sector. Consolidators in the Malincho Travel network are well established in the industry and generate significant volume for the airlines, thus allowing them to negotiate excellent rates on the same regularly scheduled airlines that consumers typically pay full price for. Consolidator Fares are Fares given directly from major domestic and international airlines to airline wholesalers (consolidators) to sell to travel resellers at reduced rates. Airlines work with consolidators to help fill up unsold airline seat inventory, which may otherwise go empty and generate no revenue for the airline. Fares are often deeply discounted - up to 70% off of the regular published fares.

How do I buy airline tickets?

To buy an airline ticket on-line go to . Please, fill up the search form: 1. Please indicate if you would like a round-trip or a one way flight, the round-trip option will be selected as default form of flight. 2 Enter your departure city, your destination city, and the date you wish to depart and return. 3. Indicate the number of adults, children, and infants traveling. The default value is one (1) for the number of adults traveling and zero (0) for the number of children & infants traveling. 4. After all this information is entered into the appropriate boxes, hit the search button and the results will open in a new window. The search can take up to a minute to be completed. After the search is completed, you will be shown a list of fares in the order of cheapest to the highest, regardless of which category they are part of. The fares listed on Malincho Travel are divided into two categories, bargain fares & special fares. Bargain fares are consolidator rates which are not available to the regular public. Since bargain fares are far lower priced then the regular fares, each fare needs to be checked for availability prior to completing the booking process. Thus, if you select "continue" for a bargain fare from the list of fares displayed it will take up to a minute to verify availability of the fare. In the event a fare is not available, you will be brought back to the search results allowing you to select a different fare. However, if a fare is available a set of flight options available will be displayed. Select an outbound flight and an inbound flight and click "Continue" to the next page. After reviewing the total amount you will be charged, fill out the information about the name(s) of the passenger(s) and then agree to the terms and conditions by placing your initials in the box provided and click "Continue". By agreeing to the terms and conditions it is understood as if you have read the stipulations within the terms and conditions. You will then be asked to enter credit card and payment information. You will need to complete everything with a red asterisk (*) and then scroll down to the bottom of page to click the "Finish Booking" button. Clicking the "Finish Booking" button will lead to us booking the flight. The data will be transmitted using SSL security feature. You will then receive an email conformation regarding if the booking was successful and a six letter, confirmation code will be displayed on your screen. A successful booking does not mean a booking has been ticketed. You will receive an email regarding if the booking has been ticketed.

How are the fares sorted?

 The fares are sorted by price from lowest to highest. Do the fares quoted include taxes? No. The fares listed on the first page are net fares only. Taxes, surcharges, and shipping and handling fees are itemized and shown on the last screen before you enter you credit card information.

Are all the fares shown available?

No, you must select a fare and check its availability. Unlike a published fare, a consolidator fare is highly restricted and a number of rules must be checked in order to display its availability.

What if the fare I choose is not available?

You can: • Change the itinerary date • Select another fare from the list • send us an e-mail to book the itinerary for you and you will receive a response to your request within 24 hours.

How do I know that I have successfully purchased a ticket?

You should receive a six character reservation code usually within 90 seconds after you click on the final purchase button. Be certain to check your incoming emails over the next day in case we need to reach you.

E-Ticket or paper ticket? ELECTRONIC TICKETS Electronic tickets, or e-tickets, are used by an increasing number of top airlines. In simple terms when you choose an e-ticket through Airline Network we will automatically create an electronic record in the airline's computer system instead of printing a paper ticket. You will then be sent an e-ticket receipt instead of a ticket, which, you will need to check in with at the airport. E-tickets offer several key advantages: More Convenient - You do not have to wait for your tickets to arrive. More Peace of Mind - No need for a paper ticket, eliminating worry of leaving them behind or losing them. More Affordable - There is now a surcharge for paper tickets on routes where an e-ticket is available. PAPER TICKETS Traditional paper based ticket (may incur surcharge) Over 97% of all tickets we sell are e-Tickets. We will only issue you a paper ticket if the airline(s) require it for your particular route, or you request a paper ticket.

How will my tickets be sent to me?

Whenever possible, we will issue electronic tickets, also referred to as e-Tickets, which means we will make your reservation with the airline electronically. E-Tickets are paperless, meaning you will have no printed documents. All you have to do is show up at your airline ticket counter at the airport, with a government issued photo ID and they will access your reservation on their computer and issue a boarding pass. When an e-Ticket is not available, Paper Tickets will be delivered to the billing address listed on your credit card account, via Fed Ex/DHL or UPS. We also will send you a PASSENGER RECEIPT for your records trough regular mail. You will receive it within a week after you ticket has been issued.

 When are the tickets issued?

 They are normally issued within 2-3 days after the payment has cleared. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your tickets are issued. I cannot tell if my booking has been completed, what can I do to find out? If you are not sure if your booking has been completed, you should first check your inbox for the email account you entered for the reservation. You should check your junk mail folder as well in the event it is not in your inbox. If you do not have any emails conforming whether the reservation was completed or not, you should then give us a call or email us regarding your concern.

How can I find the lowest airfare prices?

 The airlines do not release airfare sales at the same time each year. You will need to check the site periodically to view current prices. Here are some tips that usually produce the lowest fares: - Consider flying on Tuesday thru Thursday, both departing and returning. - The airlines will often cut the cost of a ticket significantly if you have a Saturday night stay over. - Round trip tickets on the same airline are usually cheaper than one-way tickets. - Try to book your flights at least 3 weeks in advance. - If your destination is a smaller airport, it may be substantially cheaper to fly to a major airport that is less than 50 - 100 miles away and rent a car or have a friend pick you up.

Will you be able to guarantee a fare for me?

 We are unable to guarantee any fare. All fares are subject to change without notice. A quoted fare is only available for a short window of time and can increase without notice. Theses changes in fare quotes are not made by Malincho Travel but instead by the airline(s). Making a booking does not guarantee a fare. A fare is only guaranteed if the booking related to the particular fare has been ticketed.

How can I make a purchase not using a credit or debit card?

 Malincho Travel only accepts credit cards. Money orders, checks or any other form of payment cannot be used. We do not accept credit cards issued in countries other than the US or Canada or whose billing addresses is not in one of these two countries.

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*What Are Flight Consolidators?

 Consolidators are companies that negotiate with airlines to buy up seats that would otherwise not be sold, you can think of them as a type of wholesaler. The tickets they sell are primarily for international flights. Consolidators buy in large volumes, so they can offer their tickets for substantially less than normal published fares. Often consolidator tickets are available for flights that are shown as sold-out through the airlines.

Cheap Airline Tickets is our specialty. For more information please contact us Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST at Toll free: 1-866-676-5665 or 1-866-203-3525 or email us 24/7 from here.


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